Lotus Type 37


Another favourite car of mine is the Lotus Components Limited - Type 37, variously known as the ‘Three Seven’, and ‘Three 7’

The 7X


August 2017: The 7X on Public Show!

As gleaned from Barry Foley and John Robinson.

The 7Y


As told by Barry Flegg and Dave Walden and currently under restoration by Richard McArthur

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William Fayers

Welcome to the Anglo Canadian site for information on the Lotus Seven and the racing derivatives. My interest in this quirky little car began during high school in England, and has continued to this day. With the purchase of a Series 3 - too long ago than I care to remember - I have collected as much information as I could from the always very helpful owners, companies, racers, and mechanics who dedicated so much of their time to this fascinating little car. A number of Formula1 drivers started their careers racing a Seven. Gordon Murray, the exceptional designer and engineer originally with Brabham/MRD Formula 1 and designer of the McLaren Formula 1 road car, includes it in his list of favourites. If you have any stories or advice on maintaining the Lotus Seven, please drop me a line.

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